• Jumbo Coconut Bowl

Ulu Bowls - 4 x Jumbo Coconut Bowls


    All hail the JUMBO coconut bowl! Add a hint of island paradise to your meals with these eco-friendly coconut bowls from Ulu. Inspired by sustainable living in South East Asia, the Ulu guys wanted to introduce these hand-carved and sanded bowls back in the UK, to promote the love for health and the environment they experienced on their travels. They’re made from real coconut shells that would otherwise be discarded and they’re perfect for smoothies, salads and stir-frys - you name it - everything tastes better from an Ulu bowl. Just close your eyes and imagine you're in paradise. 


    Each bowl is unique in size as it's a natural product:

    - Diameter average 14cm - 15cm
    - Depth 8cm - 9cm 
    - Volume 800ml - 850ml (Average 825ml)

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