The Ultimate Guide To Tofu

An Homage to Tofu: 7 Recipes to Re-Invent the Vegan Staple

Tofu is just fab isn't it. Buddhist monks used to hype the stuff as far back as 950 A.D. before it went all mainstream - so you know it’s good. Today it’s the making of any miso soup and is super tasty when it’s smoked or marinated - it’s no wonder why it’s every vegan’s most loyal friend. But what actually is it?!

Don’t worry, its not a stupid question - with all the different types and textures its pretty unclear what its actually made of. So here is your tofu cheat-sheet, plus some awesome recipes you never knew you could make with it.

What is Tofu

Originating from China, tofu is made from the curds of soy milk and compressed into blocks in a process similar to that of making cheese. It’s super high in protein, with roughly 8g per 100g and contains all the essential amino acids your body needs. It also contains lots of vitamins and minerals with only 70 calories per 100g, making it very nutrient rich.

The Types

There are two main types of tofu:

Block tofu: Soy milk is curdled and the curds are then pressed into blocks, giving a varied, rubbery texture. Block tofu holds together a lot better than silken tofu is therefore better suited to frying and boiling.

Silken tofu: Rather than curdling the soy milk, silken tofu is solidified with a coagulant, resulting in a much smoother texture.

Both types come in soft, medium or firm textures, and have their own different uses. And that’s the best thing about tofu - its ridiculously versatile. As long as you use the right type of tofu you can create the most delicious meals. And now you know the different types, here are some recipes you never knew you could make with tofu:

Tofu Tacos

Tofu type: Extra-Firm Block

Good lord tofu in a wrap is just taco-tastic. This recipe pairs crispy firm tofu with a creamy avocado and lime sauce for a delicious contrast in tastes and textures.


vegan tofu tacos

Tofu "Scrambled Eggs"

Tofu type: Extra-Firm Silken.

Its a tough one to nail the flavours but if you freestyle until you find your flavour you will have breakfast sorted for life. We love this recipe from It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken - it perfectly balances its flavours and its packed with yummy veg.

vegan scrambled egg

Tofu-spinach Lasagne

Tofu type: Firm Block

This one is great for dinner parties - the tofu in this recipe mimics ricotta, making an indulgent, creamy dish.

vegan tofu lasagne

Chocolate Pudding

Tofu type: Soft Silken

Who knew tofu could be used in sweet recipes? Dangerously easy and ready in five minutes, this chocolate pudding recipe is naughty but oh so nice.


Tofu type: Extra-Firm Block

The vegan improvement to the classic BLT, this hearty sandwich is perfect for your lunchbox - the smoky tofu slices in this will be like the new girlfriend you have to make bacon jealous.

vegan sandwich

Fluffy American-Style Pancakes

Tofu type: Firm Silken

Yeah you read that right - tofu in a pancake. Thanks to the silken texture, tofu can often be used to replace eggs in recipes. This recipe by Anna Banana gives you a thick, fluffy stack every time.

vegan pancakes

Chocolate Brownies

Tofu type: Firm Silken

Tofu can even be used in baking and that’s why it wins the hearts of vegans everywhere as the most versatile ingredient. It’s what you’ve been missing in your brownies to nail that luscious gooey texture. Try this recipe here and you’ll convert.

 vegan chocolate brownie



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