The Ultimate Vegan Christmas Dinner

We love Christmas at VNS HQ. Except Ed, he's a right Grinch about it. But on the whole we take festivities very seriously - its the ultimate foodie holiday. And with classics like roast turkey and pigs in blankets it’s always assumed that a plant-based menu just cannot compete. Well we believe you shouldn't feel held back by being vegan, that you can enjoy a gourmet banquet as much as the next guy, and you can feel good about the food you are eating. Thats’ why we have rallied round the office and compiled our favourite Christmas recipes to give you some festive foodspiration. Whether it’s from Deliciously Ella or Larry’s nan, a vegan version of a classic or a complete twist on tradition, there’s something for everyone here. Brace yourselves kids because here comes the Christmas edit - rumbly tummy guaranteed.


Christmas Granola

Its not just the lunch that matters - you’ve got to start as you mean to go on. This granola is like Christmas in a bowl. And you can make it the night before. Champion.
Mix it up: Gingerbread Cinnamon Rolls
If granola is far too “every day” for your celebrations you can make your Christmas breakfast super special and totally indulgent with these festive cinnamon rolls. They make the kitchen smell like Santa’s grotto as well, what’s not to love.
To Start
Hazelnut and Celeriac Soup
Far too gourmet to slurp and it will definitely impress the guests.
Mix it up: Tempeh Dippers
If soup is far too mainstream then you just have to try these teriyaki tempeh dippers as your canapé starter. These absolute bangers go down so well you might have carnivores converting.
The Main Event 
Nut Roast
We’re very proud of our brand new range of vegan Nut Roasts, they are the perfect centrepiece for your plant-based Christmas. Made with julienned potatoes, oats, cashews and brazil nuts and seasoned with an aromatic blend of herbs and spices. They compliment the festive trimmings perfectly, with either tangy cranberries and chestnuts or crystallised ginger and apricot. Order yours now: VNS Nut Roast

Mix it Up: Vegan Wellingtons
If nut roasts aren’t getting your bells jingling then you have to try our vegan wellingtons. A medley of vegetables, fragrant herbs and spices wrapped in flaky puff-pastry, these bad boys are the ultimate showstopper for those who want to break the mould. Choose between Classic Vegetable and Hazelnut, Moroccan Aubergine and Butternut Chilli and Quinoa - what a trilemma. Order yours now: VNS Gourmet Wellingtons
The Trimmings
Love them or hate them, they’re a staple and Christmas ain’t Christmas without them. Jazz up a classic with this gorgeous chilli-charred recipe.
 Pigs in Blankets
Certainly a front runner for the carnivores, but you can easily make your own vegan versions with plant-based sausages and bacon. Choose your combo and shop the range here: Plant Based Sausages
Who knew gravy could be vegan and, you know, nice?! Thank you Jamie Oliver…
jamie Oliver Vegan Gravy
This one is a personal favourite and oh my god its good. Angry cranberries and pine nuts are a match made in heaven for this plant-based stuffing.
 Carrots and Parsnips
Deliciously Ella has done it again with these beauties. Smother with gravy and pair with a forkful of nut roast for absolute food heaven.
 Mix it up: Parsnip Gnocchi
If all these classic trimmings are far too mainstream and you want to show some vegan flare this Christmas then try out this parsnip gnocchi - it sounds weird but its such a crowd pleaser. Get these on the table and bench the roast potatoes - they’re overhyped anyway.
For a bit of a contrast in texture this Winter Slaw is a go-to crowd pleaser whether its Christmas Day or not. Jewelled with indulgent maple candied nuts, this vegan coleslaw is special enough to have pride place on the dinner table this Christmas.
Christmas Pudding, duh?? Try out this delicious vegan recipe that will go down a storm.
vegan christmas pudding
Mix it up: Poached Pears
If Christmas Pudding just doesn’t light your candle then don’t worry, I’m sure you’re not alone. Try these very snazzy poached pears for a deliciously spiced cherry on top of your vegan banquet. They're easy peasy to make and they look very impressive, what’s not to love.


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