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World Vegan Day

Happy World Vegan Day everyone! Its like Christmas here at VNS HQ and were having a fab time basking in plant-based loveliness and reflecting on all things vegan. So we thought we’d fire some cool facts at you, to celebrate world vegan day if you’re vegan already (go you), or to give you some food for thought if you’re not (and that’s okay too). But either way the wave of veganism is real and the plant-based revolution has undoubtedly begun! In just the past ten years the number of vegans has more than quadrupled with 42% of that being us millenials. And nearly a third of people have shifted away from meat consumption. Now those are some cracking stats, so whether you’re vegan yet or not, jump aboard this gravy train because its going places.

Health Reasons

Many people say a vegan diet is deficient in calcium and protein because these are typically sourced in animal products. Well you’re wrong meat eaters! Green leafy veg like kale are packed with 135mg of calcium per 100g, 15mg more than in milk. And some greens even contain more protein per gram than meat, like spirulina.

And spare me the ‘vegans are weak and sickly’ chat - there are heaps of famous athletes that bosh the plant-based diet. Novak Djokovic and David Haye know what its all about. And you try telling 252lb, 6ft5 rugby player Anthony Mullally he's a bit of a weed. Go on I dare you.

In fact, plant-based protein is the better choice for building muscle - as it comes without the harmful elements found in animal products that lead to disease and inflammation, and instead comes packed with antioxidants, phytonutrients and fibre that are protective against disease and promote recovery. So if you’re plant based you're actually less likely to contract heart-disease, diabetes and cancer - it seems like a no brainer.

Ethical Reasons

It isn't hard to find footage online of the atrocities that occur in slaughterhouses all around the world, and when you realise that the animals we eat are sentient beings it becomes pretty hard defend the mass production and killing of animals for food. There is certainly a deliberate veil between us and our food, because if we knew that popcorn chicken actually came from a suffering, chemically pumped up little hen we probably wouldn't be so quick to throw them down our faces. So even though you might try to just ignore the suffering, its still there I’m afraid, and you’re part of it.

Some people love to argue ‘oh don’t be such a pansy, do you think lions care about the zebra’s feelings? Its natural for us to eat meat, we’re superior in the food chain duh!’ Well, these people are idiots. Lions act on instinct whereas we humans are blessed with a little something called rationality. If we have evolved not to club each other over the head and throw women into our caves like property then I’m sure we can use or rationality to eat ethically too. And besides, are we really superior? I’m sure we all have a mate with an intelligence questionably lower than that of a chimp.

So, next time you think about biting into that bacon butty, spare a thought for the intelligent, emotional pigs that are scientifically proven to be more sentient than dogs. If you think that chowing down on your pet is a bit abhorrent then why’s it okay to eat Peppa? Oh and spare me the ‘plants feel pain too’ retort. Don't be so ridiculous. Plants don't have nerve endings or a brain so thats just poppycock.

Environmental Reasons

Did you know that raising animals for food produces more greenhouse gas emissions than all of the cars, planes, and other forms of transportation combined?  And that livestock production is responsible for 70% of the deforestation in the Amazon? Its a sad reality that we are polluting our little planet with animal waste, antibiotics, hormones, chemicals and pesticides from the animal production industry, so its no wonder she’s feeling poorly. Surely it makes more sense to just eat the crops we use to fatten up the animals than to waste loads more energy, space and resources? If we take out the middleman that the animals are we’re reducing the impact on the planet.

That’s why we love the guys at Hippeas. They’re making the world a better place with flowers in their hair and crumbs in their beards by embracing the power of the chickpea plant and its ability to help counteract our carbon emissions. All by producing tasty snacks - buy yours here.

So attitudes towards veganism are certainly changing, and the winds of change are a blowing. Its no longer an extreme pipe dream of a lifestyle, its now easy and accessbile, and thats what we at the Vegan Nutrition Store pride ourselves on trying to achieve. This boom will only continue - so a pat on the back to you all and Happy World Vegan Day!!



Team VNS.


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