4 Fitness Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet

Whether you're a fitness fanatic or are simply more concerned with fit’ness food in yo’ mouth, the benefits of a vegan diet are undeniable. And yet it's one of the most common misconceptions that a vegan diet doesn’t provide you with sufficient protein necessary in order to build muscle, or that it results in deficiencies. But this is the case of any diet if it is not followed correctly! In fact, the vegan diet has many benefits to your fitness and we’d love to see you try and tell the likes of David Haye, Mike Tyson and the Williams sisters otherwise. Here are just a few fitness benefits of going plant-based…

Fat Loss

Eating primarily plant-based involves lots of whole foods filled with fibre, protein, and nutrients. These whole food plant options are usually lower in calories than fatty, protein packed animal products, so when you switch to plant-based you’ll probably lose weight naturally without having to count or measure anything. Food is no longer the enemy when you go plant-based and it feels fantastic. 

Its a Healthier Way of Building Muscle (and Yes, You Can Build Muscle!)

Unless you live under a rock you will have definitely experienced the protein hysteria that we seem to have descended into. And there are so many myths about how much protein we should be eating and that the best way to reach this intake is via animals products. If you’re nodding along then hold up because 1: you can eat too much protein and 2: in many ways plant-based protein sources are better for you.

Eating too much protein just results in it being excreted and unused, and all those calories you have consumed are wasted. Similarly if you up your protein by replacing your intake of carbs you can often end up lacking the energy needed to train - not ideal. But when you eat whole, plant-based foods you consume not only fuel necessary to train, but also protein, fibre, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and lots of other magic components in the right proportions for promoting good health. Processed foods on the other hand sacrifice a huge proportion of these nutrients, and you acquire the toxic baggage that comes with them. So remember - not all calories are created equal! The amino acids in a varied diet of fruit and veg are sufficient to build muscle, and the carbs and nutrients make us feel much healthier and give us the energy to train consistently. So lets chalk that up as a win for plant-based protein. 

If you feel like you just can’t eat enough plant-based foods to get enough protein then don't worry! Its okay if you don’t want to eat a pound of broccoli to reach your RDA because there are many excellent vegan protein supplements on the market. Check out our range here.

The Anti-Inflammatory Properties - Say Goodbye to DOMS

Meat and dairy products are acid forming, meaning that your blood pH is more acidic than that of an alkaline forming plant-based diet. Excessively acidic blood pH results in inflammation and actually impairs your recovery after a workout. That’s why top athletes like Novak Djokovic choose a vegan diet to aid their recovery process, reducing the dreaded DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) and therefore the time between training sessions.


Better Cardio-Vascular Health and Lower Blood Pressure

A plant-based diet can prevent and even reverse cardiovascular diseases. This is because the absence of animal products results in lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol and less strain on your heart. A stronger heart means improved cardio-vascular fitness - no wonder Mo Farah loves Quorn.



  • Posted by Millie R on

    Iv been Vegan 3 months and feel great!

  • Posted by Wendy on

    I do agree a plant based does really help.. especially with my recovery.

  • Posted by Brad on

    Nice article, but most Quorn products aren’t only plant-based, they typically contain egg & milk.

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